A Majestic Matriarchal Golden Age Of Love Joy And Peace For All Women With Freedom And Spiritual Virtues

By Dr. Marcus A. Greaves (B.Sc., M.D., N.M.D, H.M.A)
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A Majestic Matriarchal Golden Age of Peace and Love restores a New Matriarchal Rulership with love, joy, and peace. It describes the corruption, treachery, and violence to females and children; the calamities of wars and the ungodliness of this ruling Patriarchy; and the depravity of the mind with drugs, rape, and gangsters. It takes the planet to unlimited freedom and god-mastery and a more enlightened, spiritual direction from wickedness, violence, selfishness, wars, and destruction. It restores love, wisdom, truth, peace, harmony, and prosperityphysical and spiritual. This book is a wake-up call to humanity to cease destroying the planet and themselves.

About the Author

Dr. Marcus A. Greaves (B.Sc., M.D., N.M.D, H.M.A) began his career as an allopathic doctor. After practicing for many years in allopathic medicine, he changed to alternative medicine and became a Holistic Practitioner. Dr. Greaves graduated from medical school in France in 1968. He practiced in Paris, Cannes, Montpellier, and other cities in France. He received his diploma as a Natropath in the USA and practiced in Idaho; California; Phoenix, Arizonia; and in Niger, Africa, as Medical Health Departmental Director. In 1991 he established a holistic clinic in St. Vincent in the Caribbean. From his very early days, Dr. Greaves always reiterated to his parents that he wanted to become a doctor like Jesus to perform perfect healing through spiritual methods.

Dr. Greaves believes in the oneness of humanity and is always striving to see humanity advance as God intended and as all the ascended masters have always been doing. This planet has shortly escaped annihilation by the violence, wars, hatred, and lawlessness of the patriarch; therefore, the only solution is to return to love, wisdom, brotherhood, and peace and change to a motherly, loving Matriarchy that gives birth, nourishes, and protects her offspring and knows best how to assist humanity in its elevation.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 416