A Little Talk With God: Spiritual

By Thomas Fletcher
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In the early years of his life, Thomas Fletcher was exposed to how family and his belief in God would influence his life.

As a father, he loved his children and wanted them to grow up and live a wonderful life. This was not to be, and within two years, Thomas watched all three of his children pass away.

When Thomas’ last child passed, his thoughts turned to God. Thomas asked God if he were being punished for the life he lived. The prayers within A Little Talk with GOD: Spiritual became a way for him to talk with God. He hopes these prayers become a source of comfort to all those struggling through a similar pain.

About the Author

Thomas Fletcher was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thomas’ dad worked for the Federal Aviation Administration, so he was introduced to aircraft and flying at a very early age. As a child, Thomas built model airplanes and knew flying was always going to be his dream. That dream was realized in 1974 and lasted for 35 years, and he still has the memories.

Thomas is married to a wonderful woman, and he even believes the good Lord had his hand in making that happen. Thomas is not a perfect Christian, and he still needs to ask for forgiveness every day to make sure he can close his eyes at night feeling right with God. 

Published: 2023
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