A Good Name And A Strong Set Of Values Will Stand The Test Of Time

By Jethro Coe Jr.
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We all have met people who will stand firm on good principles of life and not bend to satisfy others. Values taught at home and by experience build a solid, lasting platform. Those who are honest and true to their word never see their names splashed across the news.

Amid the electronic revolution, church and political leaders are both tempted and exposed by cell phones, computers, and social media. God doesn’t like it at all. He made it very clear to us that He is a jealous God.

A Good Name and a Strong Set of Values Will Stand the Test of Time encourages Christian leaders and the Christian community to take a serious look at themselves and realize that the church is not setting a good example for the rest of society—but that it can once again.

About the Author

ethro Coe Jr. was born in Lagoon, a little community in Bladen County, North Carolina. After high school, he enrolled in Durham College Business School. He married, welcomed two beautiful daughters and a handsome son into his life, and volunteered for the United States Army, where he spent over 31 years in active duty.

The Army sent Coe back to school to complete his bachelor's degree. The military taught him integrity and helped him develop a strong foundation for standing firm in what he believed to be right and factual. Coe also credits his grandmother, who instilled in him the desire to always do what is right regardless of risk or outcome.

Published: 2019
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