Boiling Point

By J.W. Boynton
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Sometimes life is too much to bear. When a 1990’s recession sucks his business into bankruptcy and his wife hires an aggressive divorce lawyer determined to fleece him out of what’s left, Jack Cross reaches his Boiling Point. Angry and disillusioned, he climbs into his car and drives away, hoping to leave all his misery in the rearview mirror. He confronts carjackers and other criminal low-lives on his impulsive journey, even becomes a fugitive himself forced to flee the law onto an island in Florida, where he is drawn into a delicious affair with a beautiful psychic. Back at home, Jack’s wife, missing him and suffering regrets, discovers the hard way that her unsavory attorney is a sexual predator. Learning of this, Jack returns for an ill-advised act of violent revenge.

Comments from J.W. Boynton readers

“…an easy writing style and a nice way of weaving your characters and plots together.”

“…a writer of intrigue. Great story, great pace, great surprises!”

“...I am not normally a fiction reader, but his book is a barn burner!”

About the Author

J.W. Boynton is a retired real estate executive living in the Boston area. His other novels are The World of Bliss; Trafficked!; and Cash Cargo, A Ruthless Game.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 266