Shadows Of The Soul

By Caleb Aaron Yarborough
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As an artist tries to tell a story in their painting, so Caleb Aaron Yarborough paints a picture with his words. With his lyrical poetic verse, Yarborough joyously pays homage to the glory of God and expresses his deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and the world around us. Yet he recognizes there are Shadows of the Soul, those dark places we rarely recognize within ourselves, much less notice in the world, shadows of drug and alcohol abuse, neglected and abused children, and personal failure. Yarborough bravely and forthrightly brings these shadows to the light of day, exhorting us to see them and fix themstop the abuses, stop the negativity, stop the failures of ourselves and our systems. We have turned our eyes away from the Maker, and we are paying the price. With his loving words, Caleb Aaron Yarborough gently turns us back to God and casts light on the Shadows of the Soul in an effort to cure that which ails mankind.

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Published: 2004
Page Count: 40