Poetry #9: St. Francis Of Paola

By FR. Gino Vanzillotta O.M
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A combination of poetry, history, biography, and religion, Poetry #9: St. Francis of Paola portrays the humble, yet fantastic life of this man of God. A brilliant diplomat, St. Francis did much good for both church and state. Hermit almost by instinct, he perfectly followed orders from above. Humble and poor, he was rich and powerful in God’s wisdom. He was able to unravel intricate situations and bring about unexpected, but reasonable solutions. Nothing would stop him from being good to all. Several of his portents were believed miracles, many were proven such.

About the Author

As a young seminarian, Fr. Gino Vanzillotta O.M., dedicated his life to Christian formation. As he went along, the stature of Francis loomed larger and clearer in his mind. He became a priest in the Order of the Minims.

As author and poet, Fr. Vanzillotta used God’s gift to enhance the figure of this superman and perpetuate his benevolent assistance now from heaven, as he did on earth. He gave much to Church and the World. His memory is a blessing to future generations.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 510