Pieces Of A Whole

By Jay Field
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Pieces of a Whole is on a collection of thoughts about four main subjects told through poetry. The last chapter consists of a set of memoirs too large to fit into a single poem, a twist on a typical poetry book.

Pieces of a Whole is raw and real, tackling topics of all kinds: heartbreak, emotions, sweetness, real thoughts, heroism, etc. It serves as an ideal example of the mess poetry can result in when fully expressed in one book. It is the author's hope that readers will at least gain some insight on the different perspectives in life and take away from it how unique it all is.

About the Author

Jay Field is a day dreamer and night thinker with a heart bigger than her brain. She’s always written and has an insatiable curiosity to find her niche in the world as an announced writer. Field wishes to inspire and provide a new perspective on many different topics people may either relate to, or gain insight from.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 56