Life As It Happens

By Barbara Griffith
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Life As It Happens is a collection of inspirational poems by author Barbara Griffith. Most of her inspiration came as a schoolyard monitor when her children were in grade school. Just as the title says, she has observed life as it happens each and every day, encouraging her to write.

About the Author

Author Barbara Griffith and her husband, Bob, have been happily married for forty-three years. She is a mother of three: Bobby and his wife Kimberly, Theresa and her husband Patrick, and Jennifer. She is also a grandmother of four: Charisma, Patrick, Robert, and Lexis. Griffith likes to go trap shooting at her local gun range where she holds a shotgun instructor certification. She loves to go camping and fishing in Baja. Spending time with family brings her the greatest joy in her life.

2017, Hardcover, 46 pages)

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