By Tina Dickinson and Illustrated Daniel Meyers
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In this collection of spiritual verse, poet Tina Dickinson and artist Daniel Myers offer a collection of thoughts and images that will enhance your sense of communion with a higher power, as the poet ponders the people and events that have influenced her and blends personal observation with scriptural interpretation. At times, Ms. Dickinson focuses on the individual. She describes Alyssa as a gift long awaitedFrom the father above. She imagines matrimony as love with no boundaries, an echo of the divine. Other selections, such as Forgive and Why Hold On, confront the tests we face in this uncertain world. In Ms. Dickinsons vision is also one of unity. She writes in Symphony of Love: A composition starts within;
The love that becomes a melody
Of the inner manifestation that is heard in the heart.
Two hearts compose in harmony
Into the most beautiful symphony Covering a range of scenarios from the peaks and valleys of romance to the strength found in prayer, Imprints generates an intimate vision. Throughout the work, Tina Dickinson highlights as the way for the believer to transcend even the most daunting of obstacles, as she marks the stages of her own journey and reaches out to you to guide you along your path.

About the Author

A native of California, Tina Dickinson currently lives in Oregon with her husband, Danny. She has three children, David Haze, Robert Haze, and Richard Ferreira. Ms. Dickinson is retired and enjoys quilting, poetry, and music.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 78