I Forgive You: Journey To Recovery

By Queen V
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I Forgive You is a peek into the journey of a survivor. Victory is possible. Glean the blessings overflowing from Queen V’s battles and victories. This collection of poetry shares a method of processing trauma and obstacles. These pages share Queen V’s ongoing journey to redemption, recovery, and re-inventing herself as she triumphs along the way. It's a prevailing story of hope.

Shares a wide range of experiences—suicide attempts, bad breakups, raising children as a single parent, social service issue and a myriad of other challenges throughout her years—Queen V hopes the readers of this book take away strength, morsels of perseverance, and other tools to help hold on through some dark spaces.

About the Author

Queen V is a youth activist, church participant, family peer worker, volunteer, community organizer, and more. She is a complicated woman in her own head. She loves simple treats like sunrises and sunsets, photography, singing, bowling, tennis, watching TV and movies with family, and more.

Queen V loves to change the world, one family at a time. She has experienced and championed for developmentally delayed, conditions involving cognitive delays, MS, Alzheimer's, domestic violence, human trafficking… the world's hurts.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 46