Expressions Of Poetry In Season

By Katherine Hagans Clark
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Expressions of Poetry in Season

Expressions of Poetry in Season by Katherine Hagans Clark is about human experiences.

Whoever one is, wherever one comes from, adversity in some form or facet is a part of living. Sadly, though, in today's society, many a senior citizen, especially those of everyday status, are alienated, their life lessons to share, are not heard.

Expressions of Poetry in Season is thus written to share a poetic voice of such experiences in a changed world. As Katherine envisions it, a world that changes for the better begins with the individual being the best that he or she could be.

About the Author

A native of North Carolina, Katherine Hagans Clark, Minnie Jean Hagans at birth, is of African and Cherokee Native American descent, affectionately known as Miss Kat by friends and former coworkers. A mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, she now appreciates the simple things in life, attending church services, being among friends and family, sharing one of her flower or plant arrangements She loves to listen to music, watching NBA games, as well as Olympic Games.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 202