Desert Rhythm

By Vickie Willey
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After some tough times, Vickie Willey wanted to express her emotions and find a way forward. Desert Rhythm is the result. A mix of fantasy and quotidian, her poems capture the magic of the everyday. Filled with tales of adventures, love poems, and the mysteries of nature, there is a line here that will sweep you away to the desert.

There is always a path towards hope. Join Vickie and she’ll walk with you. 

About the Author

 Vickie Willey was born in California. She moved to New Mexico in 1979. Currently, she owns and operates a private dog rescue. She rescues abused and abandoned dogs – some of them stay with her, some she places in loving homes.

Vickie loves the outdoors, particularly fishing and hunting. She loves cooking barbeque with her husband, Roy, and all of their dogs.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 134