Conversations In The Lost Art Of Poetry, Volume I: Violent Virgin

By Ryan Moorehead
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Written over the course of 20 years and the first in a series of poetry books, Violent Virgin speaks to many facets of being in a relationship and being in love from the male perspective.

The story of a man who searched for love, wanted to be loved, and found himself, each poem is a raw and emotional response to the many feelings and experiences with relationships Ryan Moorehead has had over the years.

His stories of universal love and heartbreak will resonate with others, men and women alike.

About the Author

Ryan Moorehead is a creative empath, keenly self-aware, with a wide-ranging assortment of interests from art and culture to business where he has garnered a list of accomplishments in music, entertainment and real estate. An Oakland, California native, former D1 collegiate athlete, and businessman, his life constantly sat at the intersection of promise and conflict: gifted and aspirational yet typecast and misunderstood. His journey into manhood is not an all too uncommon one where challenges and consequences harden a person. Yet consistent faith and love in his life left an indelible mark on him to want to help others persevere in their own walk.

Ryan spends a great deal of time pouring into things he is passionate about, which include personal development, leadership and communication, and family. He is currently raising his two daughters in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 102