Always There: God's Love

By Janine Louviere
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In this age of terrorist atrocities, war, and natural disasters, it almost seems as if the universe has become malignant and our future clouded. Despair seems ready to overtake us all. Into this gloomy picture comes Janine Louviere, a woman of strong and certain faith, to remind us that God is always there, that He loves us all, and He will not let us sink into the darkness. These delightful poems realign us toward the light. They encourage us by their simple goodness and kindness. They help us focus on the beauty and wonder that surrounds us. Janine restores our faith and helps us hold fast to the eternal truths of Gods goodness and His love. Each poem is a promise of goodness and of faith renewed.

About the Author

Janine Louviere is a Californian by birth but now makes her home in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, on the Gulf Coast. She has had some experience in dealing with natural disasters while holding fast to her faith, if not to her composure. She and her husband Jerry have two children, Seth and Laura Beth. She has an active life but tries to make time enough for meditation, prayer, and her poetry. Her faith in the Lord is strong and her feet are set in the path of the righteous. She knows that Jesus is by her side as she walks through life and hopes that this book may help others share her faith.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 38