The Alaska Journal: A Bicycling Adventure Across North America

By Lincoln Steward
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The Alaska Journal is an exciting day-by-day account of author Lincoln Steward’s four-month-long solo bicycle tour from Nazareth, PA, to Homer, AK, and back again.

Join him in discovering the planning of the trip, the routes he traveled, the places he ate and slept, and the people he met along the way. Cyclists with an interest in long-distance touring, and non-cyclists as well, will enjoy seeing how Lincoln tests his own physical and mental fortitude by getting out of the comfort zone of his normal everyday surroundings while having interactions with people of all walks of life during a time when people are very divided by political issues. For cyclists thinking about trying a similar adventure, this is an opportunity to learn from his experience.

About the Author

Lincoln Steward is a 51-year-old, single, self-employed man who lives alone, which is a big reason why he had the opportunity to take the time for such an experience as his bicycle tour. Aside from being an avid cyclist, he remodels homes, mostly bathrooms and kitchens, specializing in tile setting. He tunes up bicycles as a side gig and occasionally does some artistic woodworking as a hobby.

Mostly known for bicycling, Lincoln has ridden over ten thousand miles a year for the last decade, including many endurance events, several multi-day “bikepacking” adventures, and three self-supported cross-country tours. He rides with a couple different cycling clubs in the Lehigh Valley, PA, and has worked in a couple different bicycle shops.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 222