Carpenter Joseph And The Turtles And The Cat

By Pam Sindle
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What do you do when you come across another creature in need of help? Author Pam Sindle is able to demonstrate the power of compassion and kindness for animals in Carpenter Joseph and the Turtles and the Cat.

About the Author

After many years, Pam Sindle recently retired from her gift shop, The Scented Cottage. She and her husband have always been concerned for the plight of helpless little animals. They live in an old 1850 farm house along with their cats, Froggy and Pretty Girl. Both cats were rescued by Sindle and her husband, as they were both homeless. During Sindle’s years in The Scented Cottage, she donated many gift items to the local animal rescue organizations and did anything she could to help them in their fundraisers.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 30