The Third Period (Known As Fall Or Autumn): 23 Days Of Examination Of The Effects Of Fall On Trees And A Sequel

By Dr. Fitzroy Gregory Joseph
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The Third Period (Known as Fall or Autumn)

Dr. Fitzroy Gregory Joseph wants us to see natures manifestation in its unarguable beauty, yet harsh nakedness, unapologetic, untouched by human arrogance and glibness of tongue. Trees are part of the universe to be taken seriously as living entities alongside us. Note their persistence and sustainability in spite of human callousness and frequent myopia. In the midst of all, the majesty of the stalwart trees and the incandescence from the ray of exotic leafy colors on the threshold of demise (winter) reflect a hope of spring rejuvenation, a resurrection. If only human beings can see the parallel in our lives and conclude with appreciative respect for trees on this planet.

About the Author

Dr. Fitzroy Gregory Joseph is an M.D. with specializations in tropical medicine, public health, and family health. He is multilingual and has studied in the U.S.A., England, France, and Belgium. Most of his expertise involved working in African and Asiatic countries and the Pacific and Caribbean Islands. Dr. Joseph has worked for the World Health Organization and other United Nations agencies for years, and he had been attached as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of the West Indies, Trinidad. In addition to medical and health publications, Dr. Joseph, who has been writing poetry about nature since his teenage years, has published many single poems and three other volumes of poetry: Delayed Spring, volumes one and two, in 1997, and Delayed Spring, volume three, in 1998, in Ontario, Canada. Dr. Joseph is a lover of music generally but particularly some types of classics, jazz, blues, and Caribbean, Latin/South American music. His community activities involved intervention into solving problems of women and children, and his hobbies include gardening and plants as a permanent fixture of his surrounding landscape, which offer avenues for meditation with the sun in its orbit from east to west while the canopy of blue skies is thatched with cumulus clouds, creating picturesque imaginary images.

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Published: 2015
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