The Prism

By Zachery Whitsel
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The Prism follows Quin, who is selected to enter The Prism, alongside his fiancé, Blair. The Prism is a government program whose goal is to change the way warfare is conducted by using virtual and augmented reality technology to save lives and cost of war. Quin and Blair are to Beta test it, but little do they know, the program is much more dangerous than advertised and now, they are just trying to escape with their lives.

The Prism is a captivating, edge-of-your-seat thriller that is sure to make readers feel the pain and suspense and to connect with the emotional parts of the story as well as the action.

About the Author

Zachery Whitsel works for a sheriff's office in Florida, where he works with at-risk youth in the community to help them get on a better path and keep them from entering the criminal justice system or to help them from going back into it. He’s been doing this work for three and a half years, as he was doing the same work for a nonprofit before his transition to the state.

Whitsel has a few hobbies, which mainly includes video games, writing, and sewing costumes, mainly for Halloween. He grew up in Pennsylvania but moved to Florida in 2016. All of his family lives in PA still, but they are still very close and visit each other as often as they can.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 146