Letters From Home To Wuhan

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Letters from Home to Wuhan
Compiled by Zhao Nianmin, Li Haiyan and Lan Chuanbin, Translated by Sun Hongshan

Ever since the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is the most serious public health emergency. Then the virus spread rapidly in this country, inspiring terror in people. To ward off a greater calamity, 1,775 doctors and nurses in 12 batches from Shandong went to the epidemic-stricken Hubei at the call of duty. Brave and professionally dedicated, they have completed their work with great success: None of them were infected, none of their patients died, and none of the cured cases turned positive again.

At the front line the 1,775 medical workers are armored fighters, but at home they are also sons, daughters, wives, husbands or parents. With a quick change of role, they vent in letters their conflicting feelings of pride and horror, of joys and sorrows, and of affection for family and devotion to duty. So, for this spring, letter has been the most heartwarming, the most acute, the most candid, and the most delicate form to express feelings.

Published: 2021
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