I'll Tell You Why Italy Must Be Divided

By Adriano Giuliano
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Do you really like your region to become like Liguria? No? Then, just agree with the idea to be part of an independent region divided from Italy: just become part of a new "Repubblica Veneta".

It's time for freedom. There's no freedom now. In any public office or government office there are people from the south. When the places in their hand will be more and more, then Veneto will be as Liguria is now.

Never forget this thing: if the four great criminal organizations are so powerful, is because a lot of people in the south of Italy, even the police, agreed to be part or to support those criminal organizations.

This is not the case of Veneto at the moment. People of north Italy have different ideas coming from a very different culture. So let them be free and able to decide for their future and their political situation: just be boss in their home. They have any right to decide their government.

Any Italian government will never be able to win against any form of crime coming from the south, because people belonging to those organizations are too many. That's why it's time for Veneto to stand out and detach itself from this terribly criminal and corrupted country, as Italy has been for the last half century now.

I don't want to be considered an intolerant person or to discriminate against anyone. I only would like to say what I consider to be right and good for people living in Veneto.

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Published: 2012
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