Telling Sky

By Kris Owen
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In the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Pennacook Indian tribe evolves with each generation. Traditions change and individuals adapt, but the tribe’s deep history grounds family members in faith, love, and understanding. Three generations face hardship. Oftentimes, they find themselves wondering how tragedy fits into the grander scheme of life. During these struggles, they turn to the gods and the wisdom of their ancestors to guide them.

After her husband’s life-threatening accident, Anna finds her life turned upside down. Days that were once filled with laughter and love have been replaced with hospital visits, the beeps of medical machines, and friends attempting to comfort her. Soon after her husband falls in a coma, Anna discovers that they are pregnant. She’s hopeful that this beautiful event will return her husband to her, especially as she continues to feel his presence and even hear his voice throughout her days.

However, she soon must face that her life will never return to the normal it once was, and she faces a crossroad. Will she continue to hang on to hope for the life she once had? Or will she allow herself to move on and experience happiness once again? And who will guide her daughter, Sky, through the challenges of life, whenever she struggles to balance her past with her present?

About the Author

Kris Owen has been telling stories since childhood, which developed into a reporting job for a New Hampshire newspaper as an adult. Her passion for writing and stories continues to grow, as does her deep connection with her family. Telling Sky is her first novel and was written for her sister. Kris lives in Campton, New Hampshire.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 128