My Life In Shoes

By Sherinee’
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This book chronicles the life of a fictional character named Chastity Barnes. Chastity isn’t your average Southern girl. She’s gorgeous, her IQ is off the charts, and she knows how to hustle. But even for a brilliant girl like Chastity, the world can be full of danger and heartbreak. Spanning the main character’s lifetime from her childhood in Momma’s kitchen to the present day, My Life in Shoes is a testament to Chastity’s resilience and redemption—though the world tries to tear her down, she remains, stronger than ever. Chastity grows as a result of her struggles and isn’t crippled by them.

This book began as a submission for a final project in the author’s senior year of college at Tulane University, originally entitled Tears of Chastity. Sherinee’ received an A- with an inscription from the professor that she would love to see this novel fully developed and encouraged the author to continue writing. That professor was Anne Rice, a.k.a. the Vampire Lady.

About the Author

Sherinee’ is a native of New Orleans; however, her career in the military led her to residency in the Northern Virginia region. She loves to travel and serve others in her community. You can find her either forming or volunteering her time to non-profit organizations. Sherinee’ is passionate about learning from experiences gained through both life and formal academia as she accomplished numerous graduate and post graduate degrees with the highest honors. Her mission in life is to empower others with the tools (information or resources) to facilitate them to accomplish their goals in life.

Sherinee’ is most proud of her Louisiana heritage, specifically the New Orleans culture which has shaped her life, cooking, and the way she treats others as exhibited by her smile and innate hospitality as a Southerner.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 156

Customer Reviews

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Floyd S. Hepler
Excellent Book--Page Turner; Hard to Put Down

I just finished this well-written and amazing book, and enjoyed each chapter. It is the journey of Chastity as she goes through various life challenges through her childhood, teen, young adult, and adult years. A strong, resourceful, and independent woman, Chastity faces each situation head-on and develops interesting and innovative courses of action. Being a 30-year Army veteran, I especially liked the chapters that covered Chastity's two-decade and highly successful military career. This is a candid, descriptive, and emotional story of one person's journey through life. Highly recommended.