The Signature

By Bartholomew
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When Maryland State Trooper Simon Stone arrives at a bloody crime scene he recognizes the assassin’s signature method. He is catapulted into a life-and-death struggle with an international killer-for-hire. As events propel Stone toward a final showdown with his foe, he must face his past, master his power, and discover a new love, a soulmate destined for him by God the Great Spirit. The Signature is more than the typical thriller—it is a reminder that people from all backgrounds, places, and abilities can conquer all with the power of love, and that we are all connected as part of the Great Human Family. 

About the Author

Born the sixth of nine children in Richmond, Virginia, Bartholomew grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, before joining the Army Reserves in 1974. An avid martial arts practitioner with a love of history and music, he continues to this day to seek the best life has to offer as he looks for more ways to help his fellow man. He now lives in Texas.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 98