The Power Of Hope And Tenacity: The Diary Of A Persecuted Man, Rising Above The Adversities Of Life From The Dusty Roads Of Jamena To The Concrete Jungle Of Newlandia City

By Djibrine “DJ” Diallo
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This book will teach you something deep about your ability to overcome any difficulty in life. The Power of Hope and Tenacity is the powerful and inspiring story of a boy named Brine Madmon whose harrowing experiences in the politically unstable authoritarian region he calls Saolandia lead him to a new life in a place he names Amerilandia.

However, life does not automatically become easier for Brine once he enters Amerilandia and he quickly finds himself struggling to survive in his new home.

The Power of Hope and Tenacity gives readers a peek into the Amerilandian society and its attitude towards new immigrants. On the positive side, the main character comes into contact with individuals willing to extend a helping hand in order to help him make it in this new land, and another which describes the difficulty of assimilating into the mainstream of Amerilandia, as well as discrimination experienced by the main character. In the end, will Brine recognize his Amerilandian dream? Or will his trials and tribulations from his childhood and early adulthood suffocate him?

About the Author

Djibrine “DJ” Diallo is a working professional and a serial entrepreneur based in New York City who considers himself a global citizen. DJ was born in the Central African Republic of Chad but has spent most of his adult life in the United States of America. He is a self-proclaimed moderate minimalist, a positive thinking enthusiast and the founder of Inspire Me Project NYC, a nonprofit organization, which runs a media outlet dedicated to sharing positive ideas and stories for positive inspiration and positive global change, and funds a scholarship program for underprivileged schoolgirls. DJ achieved higher education in communications, law, diplomacy and military strategy.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 192