The Masquerade

By Bradley Allen
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A fantastic tale of magic and swords, good and evil, light and dark. This is a time of

witchcraft and monsters, the age of dragons and wizards. A land filled with great perils.

Werewolves, vampires, and more hunt in the darkness. Wicked evils preying on those

less fortunate and weak. A time when forces united to combat the evils of the night.

This is the story of four such individuals, coming together from four very different walks

of life. All with one unifying goal. To snuff out monsters and make these lands safe once

again. This is the time of the Masquerade.

Drawing inspiration from the rich lore of the Dungeons and Dragons universe, The Troubles

of Westbridge is a D&D campaign come to life, with imaginative characters, terrifying

monsters, and a band of hardscrabble heroes. These four members of the Masquerade

must use their disparate skills and talents to track down and vanquish the terror of

Westbridge – before it's too late. The Troubles of Westbridge is perfect for youth readers

9–13 but an entertaining adventure for any fan of fantasy.

About the Author

Bradley Allen grew up in a small town in California. He has participated in Dungeons

and Dragons campaigns since childhood and has performed the role of Dungeon

Master for more than a decade. Inspired by his older brother, his love for fantasy novels,

games, and film started early and continues both in D&D games and in his fantasy series,

The Masquerade.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 154