The Boy On The Roof

By Kerry Kadel
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When Maizie moves to New York to live with her father, she finds her idea of fun to be unpopular and is quickly labeled as closed-minded and a so-called “stick-in-the-mud.” When she meets the positive and animated Max Parker on the roof of her apartment, his erratic personality clashes with her inner cynic, sparking curiosity for an unlikely friendship.

With a mixture of caution and risk, Maizie and Max’s relationship is a slow-moving friendship. As new experiences and people enter their lives, Maizie is able to lean on her new friend and family to recognize change can be made for the better.

About the Author

Kerry Kadel enjoys writing novels and poetry, drawing, painting, and exercising. Kadel volunteers for the local food pantry and enjoys meeting and speaking with the people who shop there. Kadel attributes the support of family and Darby, the family dog, for the close-knit relationships that inspired Maizie’s coming-of-age journey.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 140