Stand Up! Deliver

By Sandra Amberg
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The Sisters of St. Francis on the Hill in historic Dubuque, Iowa, are working very hard to maintain their large holdings and dwindling population. Sustainability is their goal. In the forefront of the action is Sister Margaret Sorenson, age 92, whose motto “STAND UP! DELIVER” will not allow her to pass by a problem or opportunity without acting.

In STAND UP! DELIVER, Sister Margaret encounters people in need whose skills and talents she is able to utilize at the convent, to everyone’s benefit. Meet the beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses and the three-year-old who can read their minds; a librarian who was raped and went into hiding; a divorced woman who only wants to farm and realize her dreams; a young couple in love who are unable to have children of their own; a history teacher writing curriculum to show the importance of horses in all aspects of life; a social worker discovering her father is a rapist; and a young boy with exceptional artistic talent and a drug-addicted mother.

Like Ebru art, marbling oil on water, Sister Margaret introduces the players to each other, and with a lot of imagination, work, and prayer, she blends them to form heavenly patterns.

About the Author

Sandra Amberg has lived in Dubuque, Iowa, for all but two years of her life. She attended schools taught by the Sisters of Dubuque, as were her children and grandchildren. Now retired, Sandra volunteers as an ESL teacher and participates in writing groups and book clubs. This is her first book.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 268