By Antonio Nunes
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In this historical novel set in Poland during the late 1960s, Ryszard Mirwski, Jewish underclassman at Warsaw University, gets caught up in student unrest that turns violent. Protests escalate against the strict censorship imposed by Poland’s Communist government. In response, the government mounts a cynical campaign that ensnares his whole family to purge Jewish Communist Party members and coerce them to immigrate to Israel.

Seeds illustrates to its readers that a country’s government is led by individuals who have the power to make decisions that are deliberately detrimental to a significant segment of its citizens… and reminds us all that Ryszard’s family’s predicaments could, at any moment, become our own.

About the Author

Antonio Nunes is of Portuguese-Chinese ancestry and grew up in Manila, Philippines. After graduating from Boston College, he received a master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and MBA from Harvard Business School. He served as Chief Financial Officer for several companies prior to retiring in 2015.

Antonio resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but also enjoys spending time with his wife at their vacation home in Montignac, France. Antonio began writing historical novels after he retired. He became especially interested in Polish history because of his wife’s Central European ancestry.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 270