Rose In Charge

By Barbra Dickinson
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When Rose McNess agrees to join her friend, noted lichenologist Dr. Frances Keynes-Livingston, in England, little does she imagine the adventures that await.

Arriving in London, Rose learns that the duo is headed for the village of East Plumley where someone has been stealing headstones from the centuries-old graveyard of the parish church. With her usual grit and can-do attitude, Rose discovers that there is more happening in this quiet hamlet than meets the eye. As Dr. Keynes-Livingston endeavors to uncover the scientific aspects of the thefts, Rose endears herself to many of the town’s characters as she does her own exploring and eavesdropping. The town’s premier baker, a pair of handymen, an attractive vicar and a questionable ‘alterations lady’ present an array of suspects of the crime.

Surprises abound as Rose in Charge completes her journey.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 238