Little Boy Blue

By Dan Rose
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WARNING: This book contains graphic descriptions of violence

Little Boy Blue is an intense psychological thriller revolving around the genesis of Little Leo, a murderous sexual predator. It pits a fiendish sociopath against a dedicated, small town police chief providing the reader with gruesome awareness and nail-biting suspense.

The book establishes a unique precedent by bringing the victims, particularly women and children to light. In their darkest hour, these heroic women show desperate strength and ingenuity as they fight for their lives.

This Little Boy Blue is nothing like your childhood nursery rhyme.

About the Author

Dan Rose received his Masters degree in criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1978. So long ago in fact, that serial killer was often spelled cereal killer. For years he has studied the phenomenon and causation of serial murder.

He still maintains that his most memorable years were those spent with his Brothers and Sisters of the Ocean City Police Department.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 362

Customer Reviews

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B. Cauffiel
Little Boy Blue

Just finished reading "Little Boy Blue". It was an excellent read that just keeps you guessing. I have known and worked with the Dan for some 50 years. Having grown up and worked in all the locations where the story takes place added a unique perspective to the story. Brought back many memories. More than enough twists and turns to keep your interest and fuel the desire to keep reading.

Larry McCoy
Very griping and suspenseful read

Although this book is fiction it could very well be real. It is an investigation of a serial killer on the loose in in what could be your very own neighborhood. As in real life, the detective get close, but seem to always be a step away. All the while the perp continues to feed his sadistic appetite to torture and kill. One of those books you just can't put down and till you get to the end.

Tim Morgan
Little Boy Blue

This book should be located in section labeled “Beyond Horror and Terror”.
Rookie writer gets an A+ on enlightening the public as to the development and cunning mindset of a sociopath. Not meant for bedtime reading.

Suzanna Rose PhD psychologist
Little Boy blue

A gripping, terrifying story. A harrowing account of a gruesome threat to women. Will keep you on the edge of your seat. A real page-turner.

Michael Reiter
Former Chief of the Palm Beach Police Department, investigated serial killer Scott Erskine and se...

Dan Rose’s “Little Boy Blue” is a shocking journey through the psyche of a monstrous and highly perverted serial killer. Rose tells the story with accurate police procedure and a deep understanding of the murderous criminal mind.