Jesus And The Essenes

By Rev. Ralph F. De Flores
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Jesus and the Essenes: The Untold Story is the second part of a trilogy relative to the life of Jesus and his loved ones. It provides the reader with some idea of what Jesus’ relations with the Essenes might have been like. Also, this historic novel may give you an insight as to why the Essenes were left out of the New Testament.

After reading about the Essenes in the December 1958 issue of National Geographic, Rev. Ralph F. De Flores turned his attention to the New Testament to see what the writers of the New Testament had to say about that important Jewish sect during Jesus’ era. He was surprised to discover the Essenes were “left out” of the New Testament. That discovery resulted in him spending countless hours researching whatever he could discover about that interesting Jewish sect whose monastery wise men wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Let the story begin. This historic novel may prove interesting to people who like to read novels that deal with Jesus’ era. 

About the Author

Rev. Ralph F. De Flores attended NYU for two years. After his mystical visions of Saint Therese and Edgar Cayce in 1970, he found himself entering the parapsychology field. Over a thirty-year period, he counseled many adults who came to see him. He became a minister in 1971 due to his discoveries. 

Published: 2017
Page Count: 456