Color Me Green

By M.C. Wade
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In the early sixties, John F. Kennedy Jr. is sworn into office, color TV floods the nation, and seventeen-year-old Ryan Webb enlists with the United States Marine Corps. From boot camp to the banks of Okinawa, Webb finds himself in the company of men from all walks and all corners of his country, each one fighting for themselves and, more importantly, for their fellow Marines. In a gripping novel punctuated by humor, evocative detail, and the keen perspective of Ryan Webb, we read about the inspiring life of a U.S. Marine. Whether its getting into trouble or getting out of harms way, the men of Color Me Green capture a dynamic time in Americas history. Through war and peace, heroism and heartbreak, Color Me Green conveys the reality of military life with great insight. By the time youve finished reading, you may want to color yourself green.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 550