Wonder Why, Wonder How

By Chirali Bhandari
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Wonder Why, Wonder How: Stories that Spark Imagination

Wonder Why, Wonder How: Stories that Spark Imagination is about exploring nature in a new way while learning some basic science principles at the same time such as phases of the moon, planets, or colors. It is a whole new way to look at some seemingly normal things, to make daily activities fun to observe.

Children learn best with images, so using graphics with a metered rhythm can help them understand some difficult concepts of constellations or phases of the moon, etc., and children (and adults while reading to the children) can look at nature in a new light, instill a sense of wonder in children, invoke curiosity to learn more, ask questions, and help spark imagination in a kid's mind.

About the Author

Chirali Bhandari was a landscape architect by education and later on switched careers to finance. When she stopped designing landscapes for structures, she used her writing skills to connect with nature in a different way, by writing nature-inspired poems. She loves photography and collects pictures from all her travels and uses those as inspiration to then write poems about it.

Once her son was born and was big enough to understand, Chirali tried to instill a sense of wonder in him about nature, about surroundings by telling him stories relevant to today's world, with an underlying message. In an effort to tell him a new story each day, she would turn to nature for inspiration. She started to pen down those stories and converted those to poems to share with other kids.

Chirali also loves to paint with different mediums such as oil and acrylic. She loves her parents and her family very much. Her mother is her inspiration, her hero, and her guide. Her writing genes are a manifestation of her mother’s passion to read and write.

Chirali is very thankful to her Dada, her Guru and her husband for everything.

Published: 2021
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