Why Art? (Box Set)

By Margarita Decanini Molano
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Today’s children need a tool to foster both concentration and creativity in the visual arts. Margarita Decanini Molano’s Why Art? offers interactive lessons in drawing and painting methodologies. This unique box set includes a Why Art? instructional book and an accompanying Action Pad practice book for tracing and honing skills. Both books are housed in a durable travel case. Developed based on Molano s more than twenty years teaching art, Why Art? has already proven successful with more than two thousand children. The set offers fledgling artists the opportunity to discover new capacities and establish a strong foundation in creative expression.

About the Author

Margarita Decanini Molano has taught art throughout her lifetime and has accrued over twenty years of experience instructing students of all ages. Today, more than ever, children need a creative outlet. Molano is thrilled to inspire young artists through example and practice. Her mission, as expressed in the creation of the Why Art? box set, is to place the skills to create within reach of all children.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 188