The Adventures Of Miss Quack And The Quackinbush Family

By Lawrence Fredrick Williams Sr.
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Join Miss Quack and the Quackinbush family as they go on many adventures while flying south for the winter! What a fun journey they take, but along the way they find danger!

Leaving home, striking out on our own is a great adventure we will all take in our lives. There are great mysteries that lie ahead, along with the learning experience that comes with life and unforeseen circumstances that befall all of us, the good and the not-so-good.

The Adventures of Miss Quack and the Quackinbush Family is a whimsical tale to which both the young and the young at heart can relate.

About the Author

Lawrence Fredrick Williams Sr. was born on Galveston Island in Galveston Texas in 1943. At eighteen, he left the beautiful state of Texas and traveled northeast. While living in Baltimore, Maryland, Lawrence met a beautiful young lady named Laura. Now, fifty-two years later, he and his dear wife reside in Hagerstown, Maryland. Lawrence is a construction superintendent.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 64