The Adventures Of Boogaloo The Magical Black Cat

By Donnie E. Price
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Boogaloo is a good cat. Her owner, Dee, is a good witch that pretends to be evil. Long ago, a spell was placed on their town to keep Santa away.

The Adventures of Boogaloo the Magical Black Cat is about Boogaloo’s sneaky plan to break the spell and bring holiday joy and Santa to her town. Will Boogaloo succeed? Can her efforts teach the evil witches it’s better to be good in the world?

About the Author

Donnie E. Price loves nature, especially enjoying camping and taking long walks along the countryside. Donnie is a family man who loves the great outdoors. He loved fantasy stories as a child and hopes this story captures the imaginations of readers the way those stories captured him in his youth.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 38