Mary Meets Covid

By Nikki Hutchinson
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When Little Mary goes to school during COVID, the world looks a little different than she’s used to seeing. There are many changes at school, and things look a little scary. Everyone has to wear masks, there are shields at all the desks, and hand sanitizer is everywhere. Eventually, Little Mary learns why her school looks so different, and realizes that everyone has to work together throughout her changing world.

About the Author

Nikki Hutchinson is very family-oriented and used to volunteer at the food pantry. She has three amazing dogs which can be a handful, but she loves them. Hutchinson is an IV Pharmacy Technician and works full-time while furthering her education.

After watching adults deal with the pandemic during her college years, Hutchinson wanted to help the children more, which is why she wrote this book. Hutchinson would see kids get off the bus with masks on their faces and they would look so sad. So, Hutchinson wants to let children know that it’s okay, and that we’re here to help them.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 26

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Alfred Swift
Dealing with life and overcoming obstacles.

Great Title and story. Great idea, the world needed a book like this!