Heart Adventures With Puppygirl: Gracie's Gift

By Barbara A. Johns
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Heart Adventures with PuppyGirl

Gracie’s Gift

PuppyGirl enjoys many adventures at the lake with her BigBestFriend. This one takes on a special meaning when they meet Anna Grace. “Gracie” introduces PuppyGirl to other new friends along the way as they share fun and exciting times. They talk about sad times as well and learn from JesusSaviorFriend that all things happen for a reason that only God knows, even the sad things.

Loss of a loved one is indeed the saddest of times, however reflections of a life taken from us helps us understand there will happier days again. Love shared will never be forgotten but will live on, in our hearts.

Children and their “BigBestFriends” will laugh together and cry as they learn from PuppyGirl and Gracie the gift of a life shared and the meaning of true grace from God.

About the Author

Barbara A. Johns is a retired Registered Nurse, having spent 33 years in the field. Her last 14 years nursing were spent as a hospice nurse, providing pain and symptom management for hospice patients and providing emotional and spiritual support to families. Her ever-present companion, Abby (a.k.a. PuppyGirl) was an inspiration to her as the duo offered love and grace through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Johns welcomes opportunities to speak to small groups on the gifts of love and grace through Jesus Christ. Her brand as a speaker is building a “together life” for a child and their “BigBestFriend.” To balance her life, she enjoys travelling, ballroom dancing, and writing inspirational poetry.

Published: 2019
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