The Dragon That Lies Beneath

By Steve Garthe
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In The Dragon that Lies Beneath, Bob and Theo, brothers, go in search of a dragon’s treasure with the help of Serinda and a powerful wizard named Arne. In this sequel to Adventures of the Eagle Talon Treasure there are a myriad of obstacles facing the brothers on their journey, obstacles they have to solve and conquer through ingenuity. Though, initially seeking some of the treasure for themselves, the brothers soon become embroiled in keeping the treasure out of the hands of King Bjorn, by leaving misleading clues sprinkled about, thereby delaying him with misdirection while they rush to help the villagers relocate and hide the treasure to protect it.

About the Author

Steve Garthe was born in Seattle, Washington, and resides in Des Moines with his wife, son, and their devoted dog, Cinder. He enjoys spending time in the forest and sitting by the river, where he can listen to the sounds of nature and its surroundings. Walking in the mountains with his family allows him to clear his head and produce new ideas resulting in the addition of new and exciting adventures for his current and upcoming books. As a youngster growing up in different parts of the country, Garthe found himself exploring new places and broadening his imagination while getting himself into trouble while searching for a possible treasure. He developed a passion for adventure due to his explorations and has begun writing novels based on his interests in Templars, hidden riches, and American history. He began writing his first book Adventures of the Eagle Talon Treasure, when he was thirteen. He took a break from it to finish college, broaden his career options, and start a family before continuing with it again in 2020. He told the stories in both books through the eyes of his son Nj, and the series will continue as he has a lot of new adventures to share with the rest of the globe.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 164