Collection of Short Stories

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Collection of Short Stories
by Lawrence J. FitzGerald

Lawrence J. FitzGerald's collection of seven creative stories are told in the time-honored tradition of folk tales, complete with unique narrative voices and classic morals of friendship.

The opening selection, "Mr. Rabbit Plays Joke on Frens," introduces a folksy dialect that characterizes many of the animals that populate these engaging stories as well as the "ole man" narrator who recounts several. This is followed by "A Misty Day Story," "Mr. Fox Loses ah Mr. Rabbit," and "A Fine Ole Fish'en Story." Mr. FitzGerald explores a new perspective and style in the next two stories, "A Tiny Mouse Story" and "Elmo Loves His Mom," which explore aspects of love and loyalty from the viewpoints of very different animals. Returning to his original setting, "Danny Wessel Makes Pack Final Cut," rounds out the collection.

Unique and often surprising, these stories are perfect for reading aloud and are certain to be enjoyed by readers of many ages.

About the Author

Educated at Berean University, Lawrence is a semi-retired minister who currently resides in New Hampshire with his wife, Leah. Together, they have four children, Job, Israel, Elijah, and Jeremiah. In addition to writing childrens stories, he enjoys music, photography, and playing the drums.

(2011, paperback, 36 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review