Collection of Short Stories (2022) - eBook

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Collection of Short Stories

by Carol Lodzinski

Perfect for someone on-the-go or short on time, there’s something for everyone in Carol Lodzinski’s collection of short stories. From romance and drama, to mystery and thriller, every page is a new adventure.


About the Author

Carol Lodzinski grew up in New Jersey, where she and her family spent much time near the water, crabbing, fishing, and waterskiing. Surrounded by nature and great neighbors, there were plenty of opportunities, from berry-picking and learning to collect honey from a neighbor who raised bees, to a nearby stable where she could go horseback riding.

                  More than anything, Lodzinski remembers the front porch of their bungalow, which was perfect for sunny days—or stormy nights, when her mother would tell her and her brother Richard the most amazing stories. It was those stories that inspired Lodzinski’s love of storytelling.


(2022, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review