Collection of Poetry (by Joshua O. Oronigbagbe)

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Collection of Poetry
Joshua O. Oronigbagbe

Joshua Oronigbagbe examines women, romance, aspirations of love, humanitys penchant for good time and pleasure, global warming, and a host of other human interest topics in this, his Collection of Poetry.

In In Love with a Police Girl, Joshua describes the strange side of passion as hed had it withof all people, and placesa police officer while driving along a highway one day.

Joshua surprises us as he swings out from an amorous mood to a more somber tone in The End where he ruminates on the perilous activities of humanity, and the end-of-world scenarios that we may all be unwittingly playing with.

With its shifting moods and diversity of topics covered, this Collection of Poetry should fill in good hours of treading through those most dreadful moments of our days.

About the Author

A naturalized British citizen of Nigerian descent, Joshua Oronigbagbe is a British qualified chattered accountant and is thus employed as a financial and management consultant. Married to Grace Omolara Oronigbagbe and blessed with seven children, Joshua counts show jumping, horse racing, and lawn tennis as hobbies. He is a twenty-year resident of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

(2011, paperback 130 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review