Collection of Poetry (by Jay Bird)

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Collection of Poetry
by Jay Bird

Love is profound. Sometimes it hurts; sometimes it is bliss. But why do people still search and long for love amidst its intricate profundity?

Collection of Poetry relates a mans hunger and thirst for love, which he wishes to find only through a single soulhis princess, his one and only, his dream. His words touch the hearts of those who are hopeful, like him, in finding the one true love.

If there was a law limiting beauty, you would be a law breaker, and if there was a law limiting my love for you, I too would be a law breaker.

Love is the sole reason why we exist; from Gods love we are here, given the opportunity to experience love itself.

A cave is a hollowing out of the Earths core, and there lives the creatures of the night and creepy crawly things that never see the light of day. Without love your heart is also a cave and the creatures that live there are your broken dreams and promises, and they too will never see the light of day. Love is forever essential in our lives, for it gives essence to everything in this world.

About the Author

Arthur Jay Bird, a Purple Heart veteran, describes his writings as a combination of meditations and love letters. The adversities he experienced in wars fueled his emotions in creating his poems. He dedicates his book to his friends and the many people he met on the Internet, who serve as his inspirations.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review