Class and Status in America - eBook

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Class and Status in America

By: Stuart Traverse


About the Book

Stuart Traverse explains the Country's current class structure in contemporary and well-defined terms and concepts.

His well-researched, thoughtful examination helps readers understand:

How many socioeconomic classes there are in America today.

How the American class structure has evolved since the Country’s founding.

What makes someone upper class.

Who falls into the lower class, middle class, upper class, and upper-upper class.

How easy or difficult it is to move up or down in socioeconomic class.

The importance of money, education, and family background in determining the socioeconomic class of Americans.

The socioeconomic class of JFK, Tiger Woods, George H.W. Bush, Elvis Presley, Mitt Romney, Bill Gates, and Jeffrey Epstein.

The unwritten dress code of the upper class.

The unwritten code of conduct of the upper class.

What a “moral compass” is and whether having one matters.

What the homes of the upper class are like and how they are decorated.

Whether one can accurately “guesstimate” the socioeconomic

class of an American by simply observing him or her.


About the Author

Stuart Traverse is a former professor in the College of Social Science, Michigan State University, and a founder of a nationwide human resources management consulting firm.

He has published numerous articles in professional journals.


(2019, eBook)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review