Chronicles of Greenwood, Book Two: Riverrun

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Chronicles of Greenwood, Book Two: Riverrun

By: Christopher Nokes

About the Book

Chronicles of Greenwood, Book Two: Riverrun, carries on the adventure started in Book One. In deference to the current fascination with superheroes of graphic novels, the simple truth remains that young children have always surrounded themselves with superheroes of the "stuffed animal" kind. They can fly, provide protection, do amazing feats of strength, endurance and magic, and (most of all) breathe, laugh, cry and play just like the children who love them.

 We continue to follow Harley, Blue, Agatha, Peter, Cee Bear, Plato and others on an adventure to discover if the legend of Greenwood is really true. Is there a place where stuffed animals, come alive by the very breath and love of children, can live happily and forever? Is it true that all mammals can fly? How do they deal with their only enemy, the Raptors? What secrets are kept hidden within Peter’s precious Tin Can with its strange markings? Why is Peter so secretive? What is it about Riversend that caused Cee Bear, the Company archivist and historian, to say that none who ventured there ever returned?

Riverrun becomes a unifying metaphor connecting an old life with a new life, in spite of many perils along the way; it is the pathway to Greenwood Forest and to freedom.

About the Author

Christopher Nokes is the author of the middle grade adventure trilogy, Chronicles of Greenwood. Nokes holds degrees in architecture and education, and an Honors Specialist in Visual Arts from the University of Toronto. Nokes practiced architecture for twenty years, taught International Baccalaureate Visual Arts for the past nineteen years, and now teaches Visual Arts at Etobicoke School of the Arts, for which he has mounted several community-based student art shows around Toronto. Nokes lives in Toronto with his wife and three sons, their partners, and two grandchildren, James and Holly.

(2023, paperback, 114 pages)

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