Chronicles of Greenwood: Book Three: Greenwood

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Chronicles of Greenwood, Book Three: Greenwood

By Christopher Nokes


Chronicles of Greenwood, Book Three: Greenwood, finds Harley and Company enjoying a new life in Greenwood Forest. Every member of Greenwood lives in their own treehouse created by the self-proclaimed brilliant designers, Madame du Mouse and Pan (architects and designers). We know now that Harley and Company may be stuffed animals, but they are very real, personal superheroes  of children. As such they are not only alive, but also possess superpowers and human attributes like strength, bravery, genius, and can even fly. Zip-lines, sky-bridges, rope ladders, spiral staircases, rope and pulley elevators, and parasails, keep lines of communication open in Greenwood.

All seems bright and beautiful, that is until the mysterious appearance of Dawdle, a Technicolor nightmare. Far more disconcerting is Peter`s growing isolation from the Company and his secretive behaviour. Why does Peter remain so secretive? What is it about Riversend that caused Cee Bear, the Company archivist and historian, to say that none who ventured there ever returned? CB also revealed that Riversend possessed horrors beyond comprehension. What horrors?

Riverrun remains the fixed symbol and connection to an old life, old memories and old dreams, while Greenwood Forest is an expanding symbol of a new life, new memories and new dreams.


About the Author 

Christopher Nokes is the author of the middle grade adventure trilogy, Chronicles of Greenwood. Nokes holds degrees in architecture and education, and an Honors Specialist in Visual Arts from the University of Toronto. Nokes practiced architecture for twenty years, taught International Baccalaureate Visual Arts for the past nineteen years, and now teaches Visual Arts at Etobicoke School of the Arts, for which he has mounted several community-based student art shows around Toronto. Nokes lives in Toronto with his wife and three sons, their partners, and two grandchildren, James and Holly. 


(2022, paperback, 158 pages)


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