Choices 1

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by Kevin P. Wade It all started when they were innocent teenagers. Before they knew it, three lives were torn apartone dead, another hidden, and the third on the run with something that wasnt his, something someone else would kill to get back and, in fact, already had. With this fast-paced beginning, we are snatched along for the ride into the seamy underground world of drugs, money laundering, and murder for hire of the famed mob. Maxwell had no idea what he had gotten himself into but he never envisioned the path his Choices would take him down or the forks in the road he would encounter as he struggled to free himself from an ever deepening nightmare. Now it has come full circle, as revenge is no longer just a score to be settled, but a way of life for Max. The only questions remaining are, will he have enough time and will he make the right Choices? ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A native of Washington, D.C., Kevin Wade now resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he is employed by a Federal Agency. In his spare time he enjoys reading, computer programming, motorcycle riding, and spending time with his daughter, Kandrea. (2004, paperback, 144 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review