Child of Wrath: The Third Prophecy

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Child of Wrath: The Third Prophecy
by Daniel C. Tomas

When Riley and his parents flee their country of Kenton, he doesnt know why those in their new home, the kingdom of Gornon, call him the Child of Wrath. He does know hell have to find out the answers for himself because it seems as if everyone is speaking to him in riddles.

Hell come at you when you are weak, he is told, but no one explains who he is. Soon Riley begins to realize this strange new land was once his home, and he learns of the Prophecy, which will make him either the savior or the destroyer of the world. Everything depends on the choices he makes and the people he decides to trust.

About the Author

Currently a student at UMASS Dartmouth, Daniel C. Tomas enjoys writing, reading, and baseball.

(2009, paperback, 162 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review