Can't Say “NO!” to God - eBook

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Can’t Say “NO!” to God

By: Karen L. Pietsch


About the Book

Karen L. Pietsch realized that God was speaking to her and was seeking her help to reach others. She wrote Can’t Say “NO” to God to share her personal story of His Divine intervention in her life.

Karen was instructed to write about things in her life that can only be explained by knowing God was involved. Dreams and visions were sent to her directly from God Himself. She received them to assist others who may be in need of some guidance. Through God, Karen has created a helpful and encouraging resource for others. Can’t Say “No!” to God will encourage, inspire, motivate, and uplift you.


About the Author

Karen L. Pietsch is happily married for over 44 years to a wonderful man she met in her second year of high school. Currently, she is now quite busy in the real estate investment area as a private real estate investor. Aside from all this, Karen loves animals and tries to do as much as she can for their welfare. She currently lives in Cary, Illinois. She and her husband love vacationing in Wisconsin.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review