CANDLES: Some Burn Bright… Mine and Others Don’t…? Humorous Short Stories

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CANDLES: Some Burn Bright… Mine and Others Don’t…? Humorous Short Stories
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CANDLES: Some Burn Bright Mine and Others Dont? Humorous Short Stories
by Mark Owen Cope Sr.

This is a compilation of stories that cumulatively have become an explanation of how lucky and unlucky a person like me can be, Mark Owen Cope Sr. writes in the introduction to this book. In his seventy years of life, he has witnessed over and over again the manic whims of Fortuneoften with hilarious consequences. Whether its the baseball bat hed always wanted leading to the near-drowning of an old lady (A Lovely Little Baseball Bat) or a former circus performers mobile home falling literally under the Arkansas Guarantee (The Dog Poop Lady and the Arkansas Guarantee), each story turns on those real-life twists of irony that are always stranger than fiction. Some of these anecdotes are jokes, others probe at darker points in Mr. Copes life, but throughout this collection of stories, as in life, the author never loses his sense of humor.

About the Author: Mark Owen Cope Sr., originally from Idaho, has lived across the United States, in California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and North Carolina. Since his teenage years, hes worked a number of jobs, from electricians helper to air-conditioning repairman to mobile-home salesman to plumber (and everything in between)jobs which have brought him into contact with the comical cast of characters that populates this book. In his youth, Mr. Cope spent two terms enlisted in the Air Force, working primarily in radio repair, photo interpretation, and intelligence. Mr. Cope has four children and survives his late wife, Betty, to whom he was married for more than forty-five years and to whom this book is dedicated.

(2015, Paperback, 128 pages)